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We are reducing the size of our Kennel due to health reasons.  All puppies must go.  In

addition we are selling some of our breeding stock.  Some females are already spayed and

others are not.  Check out the puppies page and the older dogs for sales page.                      


Kandyland  (Clink on Pomeranian to go to the Pomeranian pages)

We are still three small hobby breeders of fine quality Pomeranian puppies.   Our Poms

come from Champion lines from both the United States and Canada. We keep adding new

bloodlines so that we are not inbreeding.  Our dogs become members of the family.  During

the day, at each house, our dogs have plenty of play area both indoors and outdoors available

to them.  At night they are crated and have their own room. Of course, like children we always

seem to have one or two who manage to sleep with one of us. Also like children, their toys are

scattered both in and out doors.  All our homes have fenced in areas for the safety of the

dogs.  We also use pens during mating season to facilitate the separation of mating pairs.


Mike and Mary, my son and daughter in law started working with me right from the start. 

My son David soon joined us and now has several nice females to work with.  I can't believe

how much we have learned and how naive we were about breeding at the beginning. 

Like many people we thought just buy a male and female and let them mate.  They will

do everything.  It really doesn't work that way if you want to breed quality pets for your

customers.  Selecting top quality males and females has become out mantra.  We concentrate

on CTS (conformation, temperament and soundness) when picking out dogs for our breeding

program.  Of course not all faults are readily seen as pups but when we do find something that

is not what we want to stand for, we find a great pet home for that dog.  We do not knowingly breed

faults in our puppies.  We also work closely with our local vets, who give us advise and

help us to keep all our dogs healthy.


Once puppies are here, we spend a lot of time with them.  Socialization is very important

for our puppies and it starts from the time they are born.  We pick them up and talk to

them at least a couple of times a day from the time they are born.  This way they get use

to human touch and sound.  When they are about five weeks old we put them in a safe

penned area where they can mingle with the other pups and where the grandchildren can

also play with them.  We need to thank several breeder friends who have helped up along

the way. Special thanks to--Lynda Willis of Sweet Lollipoms from whom I bought my first

Pomeranian -  Del Dennis of Pomdell Pomeranians from whom I have leaned so much and 

from whom I bought my first champion girl and Laureen Solverson from whom I bought one

of the best studs I own.  Without these special people and other breeders who have 

befriended us we would not be where we are today.




Click here to see our contract     We ship only if temperatures are within the airline

guidelines for safe shipping.  Shipping cost will now start at $300.  This includes airfare, health

certificate required by the airlines, transportation to the airport and a crate.